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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zen and the Art of the Inner Twitter

OK, maybe you have heard of Twitter, an application that allows you to post from your cellphone or computer anything and everything you happen to be doing. Limited to 140 characters , but not limited in it's applications, Twitter is quickly becoming the fastest and most seamless way to post information to the Web. Sure, many people use it to post things like "sitting at Starbucks, drinking a latte" or "eating a bowl of cornflakes and watching Good Morning America" but Twitter is being used for much much more. Businesses use it to respond to customer queries and check on minute-by-minute trends and media groups often check with "Twitterers" as the first to the scene reporters. The first reports coming out of China minutes after the quake came from Twitterers. Teachers are collaborating with students to post project updates and share information.

Ok, you're saying "Twitterers?" Are you kidding me? I must admit that the terms they come up with for new application users is a bit ridiculous (Twitter, Vlogger, Blogger, Wikis, etc...) but the applications are becoming more and more ubiquitous by the day. For example, 170,000 blogs are created every day!

Well, I discovered that Twitter actually has Zen uses. Inner Twitter will send you a text message every hour (or however often you like) to remind you to "Stop. Listen. Pay attention to your breathing. Pay attention to what is before you. Forget yourself and become whatever resonates, like stillness, peace and beauty." And you respond in kind. Here are some recent Chime responses:

artemisthunder: in front of me is two days off!
Sue: a peaceful night...
Wendy Haylett: - Relaxing in acceptance of myself and my nature, work is easy and fun
artemisthunder: in front of me is a book
Sue: A glass of wine. A quiet evening.

Can Inner Twitter really "leverage the best of modern technology" and help us "live a good and satisfying life in the modern world?"

Find out at Inner Twitter

See my Wiki Twitter Pod Blog... post if you want a quick 5 minute tutorial on Twitter.

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