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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Top Web Tools Used by Educators and Professionals

The most popular and best tools teachers and other professionals use include:

Google Search (of course)

PowerPoint (still!)

Moodle (ultimate educator collaboration tool)

del.icio.us (bookmarks galore)

Skype (chat, video, collaborate)

Wordpress (blog, blog)

Google Reader (all that's fit to read in one place)

Wikipedia (Enclyclopedia Britanni-who?)

Evernote (this one made me go WOW)

Netvibes (feed everything into one webpage)

Jing (make free videos of whatever you do on the web)

Blogger (more blogging)

ToonDoo (easy comic strip producer)

Voki (add voice and more to blogs from your cell phone or computer)

Google Earth (Look, up in the sky! It's a satellite taking your picture!)

Google Docs

Want to learn more? Google them!

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