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Thursday, January 29, 2009

When local is better than global (or how the internet is not always your friend)

After my stroke they put a stent in my neck. In order for the stent to settle into place and not clog up I have to take Plavix and aspirin. Well as of Jan. 1st my Plavix went through the roof price wise so I did some shopping around ON THE INTERNET.

And boy did I find deals! Instead of $165 (for 30 pills) at the local pharmacy I found Plavix for as little as $18 for 50 pills! Well you do the math and you'll figure out what I did next. I'm sure we've all heard about seniors that take bus trips across the border to fill their prescriptions because it's so much cheaper. I decided to skip the bus trip and through the internet order directly from a Canadian company. Sound slick so far? Just wait...

The medication arrived a couple weeks later and when I opened the package I noticed a couple things. First, it didn't look like the Plavix I was used to taking and secondly I could tell from the invoice that the drugs originated in INDIA. Hmmm... What's a guy to do?

Well I tried googling the medication and looked at other people's comments about drugs manufactured in India and it didn't look too bad (didn't look too good either) but I was nonetheless worried. But what the heck, I like to throw caution to the wind like the next guy (I can't imagine my wife doing this) and I started taking the medication. Within 2 days I started getting ill. I'll skip the details (I'm better now) but suffice it to say it was PAINFUL.

So I went to my regular pharmacist, told her my story (her eyes rolled up into her head a few times) and now I'm back on the expensive stuff. Heck, it's my life we're talking about, right?! You probably think I'm crazy to have tried in the first place and you're probably right. I guess I learned to shop locally when it comes to my health and that maybe internet "deals" really can be too good to be true...

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