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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to the iSchool!


Dave said...

Interesting idea. I also believe that smart phones and PDAs can transform education and the classroom, as well as save money.

My only problem with this "initiative" is that it is based on one company's product, the Apple iTouch. In reality, you can't limit to one product or company. This initiative should be expanded to other platforms, such as Palm's WebOS, Google's Android, Windows Mobile, and RIM Blackberry.

If done right, schools don't even need to buy a device for every student. In fact, many students already have devices that are capable of doing what this young man suggests. Many of his "tomorrow" ideas already exist, they just need to be expanded on and used by schools.

The idea is great - it's only downfall is relying on one company and thereby giving that company a monopoly on this education initiative. It should be platform independent.

PS - many of the things he talked about have been available on the Palm and Windows Mobile platforms for years.

Keith said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I don't get many comments so it's nice when someone does and I just wanted to acknowledge that... Cheers...