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Friday, November 5, 2010

Now I know why our attention spans seem shorter and shorter...

At Gizmodo today I stumbled upon a web page today entitled "The 50 Awesomest Viral Videos Under 30 Seconds Long." They followed it up with "Who has time to watch a whole viral video anymore? Between Tweeting, drinking Mountain Dew, and doing backflips, our attention spans are shorter than ever." And we wonder why we can't keep anyone's attention these days? Alright, I know you want the web page, but you'll feel guilty you did. How far we've fallen.
(disclaimer, watch at your own risk)
50 Awesomest Videos Click Here


Jeremy Gustafson said...

Looks awesome, but I was too impatient to watch them all :)

Jo Anne said...

Yeah, I can do the math. 50 x 30 sec still takes 25 minutes - gimme a top ten that I can do in 5 minutes!