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Friday, March 11, 2011

Last day at the conference highlights: MOBILE is the hot topic everywhere

I still need time to collect all the information I've been exposed to at the conference. Been so good I haven't really had that much time to post a lot of stuff, but will put together a best of when I get home... Highlights today:

-Data Collection Using Mobile Technology

-Mobile Technology in the Classroom presentation (more and more we're seeing cell phones, iPads, iTouch being used) We really should have some exceptions for using cell phones in classrooms, for one thing it saves us supplying students with another computer. They already have on in their pocket)

-Cyberbullying Symposium

-Using Technology to Impact Student Motivation (duh)

-Popped in for a few minutes on the "Hiring and Teacher Online Certification Programs"

A very awesome demo of Hyperstudio (nothing like the old program)

Looking forward to the closing keynote titled "The Great Economic Reset of 2011: Mobile"

We need to be thinking mobile mobile mobile and all tangents and implications...

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