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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well I'm posting this in the Emergency Room just to show you can take it with you and keep working. Notified my wife, my boss and my family with my cellphone. Logged onto the hospital's WIFI and caught up with some work. Sent video email to my parents. Watched CNN News. And now I'm blogging. They registered me here with a portable computer. And all from the comfort of my hospital bed. I'll probably listen to some Spanish language podcasts if they keep me here much longer. 

Oh? What happened? I started feeling dizzy and the right side of my body started to go numb. They're doing a bunch of tests to see what's wrong with me. Hopefully they have the latest in technology! I feel better now. 

When it comes to your health I guess you want the best in technology!

Say hi to the other Blake if you see him...

Update to follow...


mattson said...

I hereby nominate Keith as the TechTeam Player of the Month (a new award I created just today). This award to open to all TechTeam members so go ahead and nominate yourself or others. Just don't try to beat-out Keith by doing the hospital thing.
PS. Take care, Keith.

Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,

We're praying for you as you have tests done and figure out whats going on. I hope you feel better and get a clean bill of health soon!


Julie Johnson
Minnehaha Academy